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We specialize in seamless data migrations, tailored schema designs, and building user-centric frontends and portals, driving efficiency and cutting costs.

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Forms and portals for Airtable in minutes

Apps with access controls, permissions, and authentication out of the box. Minimal setup required.

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Streamline client management

Empower Clients, Customers, or Vendors with Portals

Share data with both internal or external users so that they can seamlessly view, edit, or generate new records - all without needing an Airtable account.

App screenshot
Linked Records.
Out-of-the-box support for editing or creating new linked records.
Advanced Security.
All portals sit behind a self-service authentication & login screen.
Modern UI & UX.
Beautiful and modern user interfaces with both grid or list views for ease of navigation.
Roles & Permissions.
Manage users and assign permissions to control access to your data.
Public & Private Forms.
Create public, private, or password-protected forms.
KPIs and Reports*
Monitor performance and user interactions with analytics and reports (*coming soon).


Effortlessly manage access controls.

Assign roles and permissions with our secure, user-friendly interface, ensuring each user has precisely the access they need, when they need it.

Permissions & access controls

Granular, field-level permissions and access controls enable you to precisely manage who can access your data.

Authentication & login

All apps sit behind a secure login page with self-service password management, with the option to make them public.

Role-based access control

Invite, manage, and share data with internal colleagues or external users like customers or vendors.

Managed Services: Affordable, Scalable, Tier 1 Support

Fully-managed database and frontend—at a fraction of Airtable Enterprise costs

If Airtable record and storage limits, user permissions, and inadequte support are curtailing your growth, we’re here to help you scale your operations effortlessly and cost-effectively. With Subsystem Managed Services, you get:

No Record Limits

Say goodbye to the 50,000 record limit. With us, you can manage millions of records without a second thought. Forget about the huge price jumps to facilitate growth.

Same Day Support

Are you tired of submitting support tickets only to receive no response? Our commitment to you is different. We promise same-day email and video support, ensuring that help is always within reach when you need it most.

Expert, Custom Database Schema

Have your Airtable bases become too difficult to manage? Our team of experts will not only assist in creating an efficient database schema for your organization but will also guide you in navigating through any complexity. We believe that no database schema should be too complex for your business to handle.

Tailor-made User Interface

Do your Airtable interfaces align with your unique business needs? We understand that each business has its own requirements and workflow. That is why we provide a custom front-end, meticulously designed to offer an intuitive and seamless user experience tailored specifically to your business.

Get started in 3 easy steps

1Swift Analysis

Meet our team for a quick yet comprehensive review of your database and interface. We identify your needs and opportunities for enhancement.

2Easy Migration and Customization

We handle your data migration and design a custom front-end tailored to your business processes.

3Continued Support

Once set up, we are just a call away for any queries or issues, providing you a seamless, worry-free experience. Join us and revolutionize your data management journey.

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