Create an Organization


Organizations contain all of your users and applications. An organization can be anything, such as your company or department, or the name of a special project that you're working on.

Create an Organization

You can create an organization from two places, both accessbile from the sidebar:

New organization

  • The + New organization button in the sidebar under the Organizations section.
  • Navigate to the dashboard (All applications in the sidebar), then click the New organization link in the upper right corner.

Organization name

Provide an organization name and click Create.


The organization name must be unique and cannot exceed 50 characters or contain special characters (including dashes).

Copy and Save

Next Steps

Congrats, you've created an organization! As the organization owner, you can:

  • Manage settings, like updating the organization's name or deleting it entirely
  • Add, remove, and update members
  • Create and manage applications

The next step is to create your first app, a data portal: