Access Token

Access Tokens

Access tokens enable you to connect your Airtable data to Subsystem. You can scope your tokens to restrict access to specific bases or actions. Read more about Airtable access tokens here. (opens in a new tab)

Below we create an access token that can read and write records to all of our bases:

Create an Access Token

Developer Hub

Start by navigating to the Developer Hub from the user menu in the upper right:

Developer Hub

Create New Token

Click the Create new token button on the right:

Create new token

Name, Scopes, and Access

Add a name and configure your scopes and access permissions.

All Subsystem apps require the schema.bases:read scope. For this example, we'll also enable schema.bases:write. Since we want to create apps that allow users to both read and update records, we will enable data.records:read and data.records:write. Under the Access field, we will select All Workspaces. To summarize:

Name, Scopes, and Access

Copy and Save

Copy and save your token before exiting the dialog because it will only be shown once. Remember to only share the token with applications that you trust. At Subsystem, we encrypt your token before saving it in our database and it never leaves our servers.

Copy and Save

Add Token

The last step is to add your token to account. From the sidebar under the Account Settings section, click on Access token. Simply paste the token into the field and click Save. You should see a blue notification letting know your token is active and working properly:

Add to Subsystem

Wrapping Up

Congrats, now that you added your access token, you can create apps with your Airtable data 🎉! Start by creating an organization or portal: